Thursday, December 30, 2004

Best of 2004?

As soon as I wrap up the largest of my freelance articles, I'll hunker down and prepare the almighty "BEST OF 2004" list. I'm sure the world will be holding its collective breath until this happens. Well world, you'll have to wait till the new year starts probably.

But other wonders also await in 2005. I've gotten the strong urge to start drawing again and several doodles have been put to paper. My initial plan after college was to become a comic book creator, but the video game industry came a calling. In fact, the gaming fanzine that got me hired was filled with game art I drew because taking screen shots was far beyond my reach at the time. Looking back at older work and newer scribbles, I feel my talent is nowhere near at the level that would destroy the world in the way I would like or even pay the bills for that matter. Still, it's a labor of love and I'm having a great time.


Jihad Yeti said...

First of all, it's about time you updated this sucker.
Second, that kicks ass that you're cartoonin'.

Awesomelord said...

Agreed RE: the cartoonin'.

Put some stuff on the site, damnit!