Monday, January 31, 2005

Amazing trivia and other tidbit

To start off the week right, here are a few bits of random info that may come in handy in certain situations:

1. In the show Nanny 911, a team of nannies headed by an older "master" nanny, sit around a table like the justice league and figure out who is best suited to "fix" the particular family that week.

2. The correct spelling of Will Smith's fish character Oscar in the film Shark Tales is Osc'r.

3. The long running Fox show Cops is now broadcast in high definition. You can finally read the tattoos on the wife beater wearing, drunk dude's arm.

If you bought Ghost in the Shell 2 and thought the subtitles sucked ass (only hearing impaired ones were selectable), you were not alone. Dreamworks is now replacing the discs, read more about it here, and fill this out.

Check out this awesome "tribute" to Metal Gear Solid 3 courtesy of PSM. I'm not sure this is meant for official distribution online (I think this was originally on their PSM DVD), but surely the handful of folks here won't break the link. Enjoy!

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