Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Blog upgrade

It's not really an upgrade, I just added links to the side of the page now. I know I probably spelled Daryl's name wrong. Please let me know what the real deal is.That's just the first round of linkage, more to come.

I was sure I wouldn't watch the new season of American Idol, but there was a big surprise. Now, the show is as good or bad (depending on your tastes) as it ever was with the usual mix of terrible singers and talented hopefuls. No, the thing that got me hooked is that it's broadcast in high definition this year, a first actually for reality TV shows. Being a "reality" based program, the video quality rivals what sports telecasts look like. Very true to life, ultra vibrant. Man, I can't wait till they start taping the Amazing Race in HD, the world locales would just pop.

That reminds me, I switched to Alameda Cable for broadband and TV service, dumping the ever expensive Comcast. Even though I'm saving a lot of money, I was a bit bummed because I lost some normal HD channels like CBS and KRON. Luckily last week, I get a letter from Alameda cable saying they have just added Fox and KICU HD channels. SWEEEEET. As of this writing, Comcast still wasn't offering Fox in HD. That means NFL playoffs and the super bowl. Football isn't my favorite sport, but how can you pass that up. You can't I say. Now if only they could add CBS, I can start watching CSI in HD again. Oh it's so hard to go back.


Anonymous said...

hey Wat, "Daryl" is right on, but you might want to check the spelllllling of "spellled".

thanks for da link!


Wataru Maruyama said...

Heh, fixed. Thanks!