Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Freedom to be entertained

Yesterday’s Oakland Tribune had a neat article about what Dr. King would do if he were alive today, some were funny, others very serious. Stuff like, he would be overjoyed to know there are actually black head coaches in football and in higher VP positions (the article names many such folks, but I can’t recall off the top of my head). It truly is a different world we live in now from just a few decades ago, but it’s still sad that you could name all the key people of color in great positions of power in just one newspaper column.

On a slightly lighter, but related note, I finally watched Harold and Kumar go to White Castle on DVD. Oh man, I don’t think I laughed that hard in all of 2004. It’s a movie I wished were made back when I was a teen, not because it was hilarious, but because the racial issues it tackled hit home. Highly recommended.

Other weekend notes
Kimi’s company had a post holidays outing in the city so I got to enjoy some fine Italian cuisine and a show afterward. Like many bay area residents, I’ve seen some commercials for Bleach Blanket Babylon and thought it looked pretty silly and “how funny could big hats really be?” Let me tell you, I had an absolute ball. If you live in the bay area and have never gone to see it, GO SEE IT NOW. Click on the link for more details about the show. BBB changes regularly to incorporate timely political and pop culture material so I’m looking forward to making it a regular thing to go to.

This was also the weekend I was going to follow through on my previous vow to WoW it up. I even installed Skype to chat with fellow adventurers. As you may have guessed from the thousands of message board and blog entries on the topic, it wasn’t very good timing. So, my quest is delayed a bit, but my resolve is firm. The leveling will continue in earnest and then social exploration will flourish.


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