Monday, January 03, 2005

High definition DVDs and other new tech

Although I’m interested in a wide variety of electronics to be shown at the CES, (which starts this Thursday) I’ll be keeping to closest eye on the next generation DVD formats. At this point, I’m not sure which to root for and even more unsure which format I would invest in first. My instinct says to get a HD-DVD player first, then wait for the PlayStation 3 for Blu-ray. That is unless Microsoft decides to incorporate HD-DVD into the Xbox 2. That would be the best of both worlds for sure.

It’s easy to forget the troubled first two years of our current DVD format and it’s worth revisiting some of those problems and ponder if those things can plague us again. One of the major issues at that time was player compatibility with every disc. Disc authoring was still in its infancy and manufacturers also had to rush their product out. To this day I have two DVDs that I can't watch on any of my current DVD players (it worked on my old, old Toshiba I no longer have) and are pretty much unsellable. There were picture quality issues, movies that require you to flip the disc, and very few anamorphic transfers. Are we going to see similar problems? Absolutely. Probably not as bad, but the margin for error is certainly going to be greater with two formats out there. Of course there’s the practice of releasing a basic version of the movie and later parading out a special edition with tons of features, which the studios are sure to continue with the next generation DVDs.

Other than that, I’m more excited than usual about the upcoming MacWorld expo taking place January 10th – the 14th. I don’t use an Apple at home anymore, but the hot rumor that a cheap, sub$500 Mac (sans monitor) may be announced is pretty neat. Actually, my deepest desire is for them to announce some sort of tablet laptop. Oh my they would surely get it done right and with enough power to really be of use, unlike the current tablet PCs on the market.

Thanks to the Awesomelord who sent me the html info, I’ll soon be addings site links to the side of my page. Now I can return the favor to the other blogs that are giving me some nice traffic!

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