Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Hyung-tae Kim and Street Fighter

One of my new favorite artists is Korean sensation Hyung-tae Kim. He mainly does character designs for games like Magna Carta, but has done illustrations for comic book covers in the US and other work in Japan. I was lucky enough to have picked up the Japanese version of his rare and expensive Korean art collection Oxide. Aside from being about 1/3 the price, the Japanese version is hard cover, so its quite an amazing deal. The illustration above, a poster Kim did for Japanese Arcadia magazine, should give you a good idea of his dynamic work. I highly recommend the book if you can find it in stock anywhere. The PlayStation 2 version of Magna Carta (originally a Korean PC game) recently came out in Japan and may get picked up here. Although it was greatly enhanced for the PS2, the word is that it’s still somewhat ass.

A bit easier to find is the domestic release of the Street Fighter 15th anniversary art collection, Eternal Challenge. A treasure trove of Capcom art taken from every 2D installment (It only briefly mentions the 3D EX games) in the series. It’s been completely translated to English so you get interviews with most of the artists behind the landmark fighting game series. From what I’ve heard first printings are limited to 4500 so snag a copy ASAP. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Well now I feel foolish for shelling out 3500 yen for the Japanese version of Eternal Challenge. I'd sure like to read those interviews. Hope things are going well for you Wat. -Simon

Anonymous said...

Well now i feel foolish for shelling out 3500 yen for the japanese edition of Eternal Challenge. I sure would like to read the artist interviews. I hope things are going well for you Wat. ·Simon·

Wataru Maruyama said...

What's up Simon! It's worth having both books I think. Capcom art books always retain a good amount of resell value so it's a true collectable. It'll cost you more later, that's for sure.