Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I've been off chapstick for two and a half days now. Debate rages whether it’s really addictive, but I just knew I had to stop. I carry it around everywhere and often apply it religiously before bed. My lips feel dryer for sure. This feeling should pass as withdrawal symptoms eventually do. Several years ago, I was absolutely addicted to nasal inhalers, which unlike lip balm, has clinically been proven to be habit forming. I would not be able to breathe at all without a squirt of inhaler every few hours. The addiction spanned roughly 11 years until I got help from a doctor who put me on some nasal medication, weaning me off it for good. If you must use them, follow the instructions on the bottle and discontinue use after three days no matter what. The doctor informed me I was fairly lucky, most patients don’t come to him till they’ve been on inhalers so long that the nasal damage is almost irreversible. I still get congested more often than a regular human due to the damage I suffered, but its not that bad.

I managed to pre-order a PSP sans bundle yesterday with no trouble at a local EB. That was nice.

After finishing Silent Hill 4, which was truly great (I just love the series), I’m hungry for some more horror. I stumbled across this collection of possible costumes to obtain for Fatal Frame 2 Director’s Cut for the Xbox and its got me interested in perhaps picking it up. I’m so predictable when it comes to cheap costume gimmicks. In fact, I need to play through SH4 again to unlock extra costumes in that game. Pathetic. (The above pic comes courtesy of this site. Thanks!)

Speaking of pathetic, I was quite the collector of Cy Girls figures and there’s a new one coming out in the form of Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell (circa the Stand Alone Complex series). Cool Girl is simply what the Japanese version of Cy Girls is called. Neat, but a bit too pricey. Most likely it will be released domestically at a much more reasonable price.

Due to the mind-numbing amount of pre and post Super Bowl related hub bub, I haven’t bothered to comment on any of it. However, I will pass along this link for those wanting to see more of that odd Godaddy commercial lady, since you asked.

Last, but not least, is a neat browser toy that let’s you make pretty cool doodles. Have fun! Posted by Hello

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