Friday, February 25, 2005

Going back to my roots

For the past few weeks, I’ve tinkered with many ideas that I’ve wanted to indulge whenever time allowed. Two of those are in decent enough shape to unveil now. They are what I would call in beta form so they make change as they evolve. The first one is a The Gamestylist, where I dole out advice on revamping tired franchises, resurrecting forgotten classics, and even repositioning a company's entire product line.

The other is far more niche, but something fun that I hope will hit a cord with some folks (I know you’re out there!). It’s Costume GET!, the weblog that discusses the finer points of videogame character costumes. The feeling of doing these are similar to my fanzine days. Enjoy!

With the imminent launch of the PSP, the sure fury and amount of DS bashing is reaching ridiculous levels. I agree the amount of must have games is paltry. Nonetheless, I’ve been playing my DS fairly regularly ever since I got mine at launch, mostly GBA titles of course. The upshots being; I find the DS a bit easier on the hands over prolonged gaming sessions, the screen is brighter than the GBA SP, and I get stereo sound out of the speakers without headphones. The ability to play GBA games may not be the strongest argument for the DS, but I’d say it’s the same as watching ripped movies or viewing pics on the PSP. Neither are the unit’s main function, but they’re handy and useful.

Speaking of the PSP, I’m fairly sure I will pick up Namco Museum for it whenever it appears on these shores. I think these games are best on the road and having perfect portable emulation is a damn fine treat.

Frosty alerted me to this trailer and since he hasn’t posted it on his blog, I’m going to do it. The robots movements are super cool, they have that realistic “I’m huge and don’t move well” animation down. The retro look and music also give me goose bumps.

The above picture is one taken from a site that has all kinds of user mods for the Shuffle although many are just Photoshop mock-ups.

I copped these two links from Insert Credit, but they were too cool not to. The first make me actually want to play games on a (gasp) cell phone. That Rumble Roses pinball game has my name written all over it, but holy cripes Chaos Breaker looks like the shit! The other link is to my favorite of the flash Metal Gear Solid 3 movies Konami somewhat hid on their site. DO NOT watch this unless you have beaten the game. Go to Insert Credit for the rest. Posted by Hello

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