Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Hyped to fight

It's been a long time since an unreleased game has occupied my thoughts the way Tekken 5 has. Silly things like who I’m going to beat the game with first and which controller/ arcade stick to use. Maybe because I’m not inundated with other games for work or perhaps it was an email from EB letting me know they might have the game Thursday instead of Friday. Nothing like an earlier than expected release to get the excitement flowing.

It’s been almost two weeks since I broke the chains of chapstick dependence and I’m feeling like the ban is about to get tossed. I mean, one stick of chapstick for me lasts 2-3 months. I apply maybe once a day, twice at the most. That’s like $1.50 or so per stick. I think I can afford $6 per year on lip care. I’ve read some folks who slather on the balm every hour on the hour. I’ll revisit going cold turkey if that sort of use materializes.

All that extra willpower won’t go to waste though. Post holidays, I packed maybe 5 pounds more than I would have liked. Not bad by itself, but that's in addition to the 5 pounds I already was trying to get rid of. My initial focus is a 3 month program to try to convert that fat into pure muscle and then go heavy cardio to work off any left over flab. We’ll see how that works out. Actually, I should start at the beginning of the story, which is around the time I was kicking lip balm to the curb. I actually got rid of those extra 5 pounds over one week with a lot of walking across the street and light jogging. Then Kimi got sick and our regular jog was gone. Of course those five pounds came back and I kicked myself because I knew better. Every time I kept my weight down for any sustained period of time, it was thanks to diligent weight training. So, it’s back to more regular weight workouts. Hope that didn’t put you to sleep. At least you have a tip for the day, anyone out there looking to drop some pounds will be more successful with resistance training.

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