Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I should be wrapped up with another project today so I'm thinking a trip to the comics shop might be in order. Despite her tasty attire, I'm not nomarlly a fan of Shanna the She-devil. Mega-talent Frank Cho writes and draws her new series so that means I'm in for sure.

I'm finally playing through Silent Hill 4 and man is it freaking me out. I think I'm about halfway through.

So Gamestop and EB have begun taking online pre-orders for the PSP and, as expected, are offering them in ridiculous bundles only. I've heard you can order the system by itself only if you physically go into a store, but have yet to confirm this on my own. Any do that?

On a slightly depressing note, the release date for the Dave Chapelle show season 2 DVD is now May 24th, pushed back from an initial, but never really official Feb 8th date.

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