Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Bargain hunting

So with an adjusted income, I've been quite picky with where and when I buy games. Aside from the PSP adventures, it's been a careful dance of deciding how much I want a game, if I actually have time to play it, then finding the best place to buy it.

I picked up Phantom Dust mainly because Gamestop had a $20 coupon offer with free shipping, effectively making the $19.99 game free. Being that PD is made by most of the Panzer Dragoon team and priced right, I was going to get it either way. I'm hoping to have time to play it this weekend.

I’ve fallen to the hype and ended up picking up God of War and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Xbox. I should clarify and say I purchased them online and so I still await their delivery. I was going to wait till both titles approached the $39.99 level since I’m busy with other games, but a deal at Overstock.com caught my eye. I purchased a few DVDs from them two weeks ago when they first kicked off the $1 shipping on entire orders deal running through March. I’m not sure where they are based, but there was no sales tax for Californians bringing the savings to something like $35. The total was like $53, but I would have paid close to $90 had I bought the DVDs at Best Buy, and that’s only if it was on sale. The equivalent Suncoast purchase would have been like $120.

The thing about Overstock is they don’t carry everything. Like the name implies, they get good deals on overstocked items. In this specific case, buying GoW and SC:CT online netted me a savings of $19.35 vs walking to the local store and grabbing them for $49.99+ tax. I did go with the regular edition of Splinter Cell CT Xbox and not the fancy Limited Edition so my way is probably not for those wanting extra frills. I’m not sold on the extras in that one anyway. In case you’re heading to the site now, the price I got on Splinter Cell was for pre-orders, they have since raised the price up to $46.23.

They are currently tempting me with a $45 pre-order for the Limited Edition of Jade Empire. In this case, the LE is a must have since we’re talking about real bonus content useable in the game. Plus a special someone is working on the game and I have to support the cause.

Man, this post got way longer than I thought and I haven’t got to the darkest, dirtiest part yet. As loyal readers know, there has been a battle of wills against Nina Williams and myself. I haven’t seen any sales figures for Death by Degrees, but everything pointing to low sales and fairly quick discounting. My plan was to wait till it reached the $20 level, but somewhat frequent price checks had the game holding mostly at $49.99 with a few eBayers going as low as $40 for the unopened game.

Well, I found a seller offering the game for $29 shipped (brand new, official US version) and that was that. I jumped at it and have even popped it in for a few minutes already. Yes, it’s readily apparent that the controls are not as good as they should be and the menu system is total ass, but I don’t regret picking it up. At least not yet.

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