Thursday, March 31, 2005

Crime, wine, adults, and the future. Not in that order

I’ve finally finished the fourth and final season of Futurama on DVD. Because of Fox’s crazy scheduling, I only caught 1/3 of it during its TV run. I’ve always had affection for the show, but spending time with the DVDs (I bought them all) really brings to focus how much I really love the show. Maybe it’s because it’s gone that I feel that way. Whatever the reason, all four seasons stand up and even gets better with repeat viewings. The commentaries are mostly good although I’ve only listened to the first season tracks. I’ll go through the others at a leisurely clip while I hold my breath for news of a series resurrection.

Despite not having a taste for wine, I really enjoyed Sideways when it hit theaters last year. I was looking forward to catching it again on DVD, even more so now that I hear the commentary by Giamatti and Church on it is really funny. I am still in awe the former was not nominated for an Oscar.

Speaking of the Oscars, I took in Closer with the wife last night as it debuted on DVD this week. It’s depressing to the point that my wife didn’t like the movie at all. Me, I was totally enthralled by the performances and dialogue. Everything you hear about how adult and different it is is true. It’s a great ensemble piece and I would watch it again. It would be great if there were a commentary by the actors or Mike Nichols. Some said otherwise, but Natalie Portman definitely deserved her nomination.

Okay it’s true. I’ve been watching a lot of CSI lately, the original one. I caught a few episodes here and there over the years, but I’ve been watching regularly this season and have been catching up at a prodigious rate thanks to all the Spike TV reruns (especially their massive marathons last week).

Why the fascination? CSI has a good formula, good enough for two spin-offs even, but I find the other casts unappealing. My wife keeps telling me I should just rent or buy the DVDs and be done with it. Well, I enjoy watching it and interested enough to make sure I tape reruns, but it’s not the type of show I would watch a particular episode more than once so a purchase is out. After briefly skimming over what episodes are included on the DVDs. I realized there would be many instances where I would be renting a disc full of episodes just to watch the one I didn’t see and I don’t exactly want to commit a chunk of time to view them. As it is, I fit in an episode in whatever downtime arises. Any other CSI fans out there?

The CSI situation has got me toying with opening up a second Netflix account for a small period to try to catch up on the “me only” stuff that my wife won’t watch with me. The problem is that we don’t watch our regular Netflix stuff as often as we should. Still, I have lots of flicks that have been calling me, mostly foreign flicks like Twilight Samurai, the Jean-Pierre Jeunet back catalog especially City of Lost Children (Delicatessen apparently is not yet available on DVD), Zatoichi (both the series and recent Takeshi version), most of the recent Criterion Seijun Suzuki releases especially Youth of the Beast (what a kick ass title!), and the list goes on and on.

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