Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Housewife hotspot and two other important tips

Sounds like there’s going to be a lot of interesting news tonight if leaked Xbox 2 information floating around today is to believed.

I just read up on the various GDC news bits just now and would have written something earlier, but I was called to Emeryville for a minor wife-related emergency this morning (all I’ll say is it had to do with shoes). After that was done, I decided to stop at Trader Joes for some dinner materials. This is around 9:10 AM-ish and the place is more crowded than I would have guessed considering most folks are at work. A few minutes in, I get that “being watched” feeling so I start to scan my surroundings. Why, it looks like I’m the only guy here. After more browsing, I find one other male (not counting employees) out of the forty or so shoppers present. Some have small toddlers in tow and most were in the mid 30’s and up range, although there were some young’uns here and there.

As I continue on with my shopping, my earlier feeling of being watched came back. That’s because I was indeed being observed or perhaps sized up. You’re probably thinking it was just my inflated sense of ego, but I swear to you I was getting the eye from several housewives. I moved as quickly as I could through the aisles so there wouldn’t be much chance for spontaneous conversation to occur. I soon finished and was on my way home. It was probably overkill, but it’s best not to leave openings for these types of things. So the tip of the day is, if you’re looking to meet some mature, interested ladies, check out your local Trader Joes or other grocery store a little after 9AM.

Another tip: If you’re not watching the new season of Amazing Race, start watching now. There was a bit of stunt casting with Survivor winners Rob and Amber joining the show. Last night’s episode proved that they are not just window dressing as they managed to be just as tricky and resourceful as they were on Survivor. Plus the cast of characters this season is not packed with boring actor/model couples, but real personalities you want to root for. The oddest pair is a mother and her gay teenage son who are immensely entertaining. You only missed two shows so far so tune in every Tue at 9PM on CBS.

Mine as well make it three tips for the day. The third is to pick up the new 50 Cent album if you get it for $9.99 or less, BUT only if you already own his last album Get Rich or Die Trying. If you don’t have it, buy Get Rich instead. I grudgingly bought Get Rich, I say grudgingly because at that point 50 Cent had already blown up and I didn’t want to buy into the hype. The album was just too good though and I still listen to it on occasion. Now the new album, The Massacre, is pretty decent so far. I played through it maybe three times so far and like maybe 12 out of the 21 tracks. My biggest problem with it is there’s just too much gun talk. I call it the “don’t nobody get no ideas about robbing me” syndrome successful rappers fall into. I can’t count how many songs I’ve heard about large gun arsenals in houses that take out intruders on the regular. I’ve never read anywhere about a big rapper who shot burglars, ever. Shoot other rappers, yes, but not burglars. In the ghetto or equivalent location, logic dictates if there is some robbing that needs to take place, then rob someone that has something worth taking. You can take a rapper out of the ghetto…

On a related note, I borrowed the new The Game: The Documentary CD. It’s packed with powerhouse producers (Dre, Timbaland, Kanye West) and guest stars (50 Cent, Mary J. Blige), but I’m just not feeling it. His style and lyrics are so generic, even the great beats can’t keep me interested. About the only memorable thing about it is a line where he claims 50 Cent slept with Vivica Fox. Say what? Who cares.

Ooh as I was typing up this entry, I got an IM from my wife who told me about an hour after her shoe thing, a co-worker was held up at gunpoint in the streets for his laptop. Amazingly, he refused because there were a lot of people around and figured the robber wouldn’t try anything in broad daylight. Sure enough, the robber took off. Man, that’s gutsy. Dude should have been packing some heat though! Handle yo bidness kid! Throw yo gunz in the air! Um, perhaps I better take 50 Cent out of my current playlist.


djmaru said...

you're talking about the Emeryville Trader Joe's right? cause i always go to El Cerrito and haven't had any luck there, not that I've been trying

where did this whole laptop fiasco go down? man, that is pretty gutsy.

i think i'm going to pass on the new 50. just not feeling that whole steez right now.

Wataru Maruyama said...

Yeah Emeryville Trader Joes. Did you hear Kristin is going to start to work there? She may be able to give you some insider info.

Laptop went down pretty close to Pixar. That's the thing about Emeryville, it's got all this high tech business, but it's still in a mostly industrial/shady area.

I guess I've been in the 50 mood is probably what's up. Anything new worth getting?

djmaru said...

i did not know about kristin. hmm, maybe she can hook up a little sumthin sumthin.

as for music the new edan and quasimoto are supposed to be really good. i don't think they're out yet though.