Monday, March 21, 2005

I need a new wall clock

I like to have at least one large clock on a wall, in either the living or dining room. It has to be viewable from most anywhere and it must be the non-digital kind with long and short hands to tell time. I finally admitted to myself last week that the one I have now is complete crap. It slows down no matter how fresh the battery is, totally messing up my schedule. So, sometime today I’ll venture out to find a new one since yesterday’s run to Target yielded no proper candidates.

Also over the weekend, I went to the nearby Home Depot to pick up some new plants for the house. Got two very nice ones and repotted them as soon as I got home. Now I have a rather large bag of potting soil that is just begging to be used. Maybe I’ll repot one of the older plants next weekend. Or not. We’ll see. Before you go thinking it’s some greenhouse here, the grand total of living plants is just five, this includes a Poinsettia bought before Christmas that I’m trying to keep alive till next holiday season. Only one could be considered large, with the others being quite small.

If you’re still reading, I thank you. This week should be a very busy one, which is good and bad. Good because that means money is coming in, but bad because there’s a lot of stuff I’d like to play that will have to wait till later. I wasn’t all that big on God of War when I saw it at E3 last year, but it’s looking like that will have to jump on my list after all the recent critical praise. Aside from what looked like a lot of box pushing and lever turning, the core gameplay is something I normally love. On the other hand, Brothers in Arms has also been getting heaps of praise, but I have no desire for a WWII shooter at this time.

And then there’s the PSP. I know I will eventually get Ridge Racer, Metal Gear Acid, and Lumines, but I’m not sure when. I’ll probably only get one game at launch since my personal gaming calendar is filled and I have no immediate travel that would force me to portable only action. I do have a trip to Japan in a few months, which has me worried about the PSP’s battery life. Even if I buy an extra battery, it won’t cover the entire flight. Less if I play in the airport. I wonder how much spare batteries will cost here? I wonder if they will actually sell a spare one here officially before my trip. It should be an exciting Japan run as I haven’t seen the rest of my family for a while. They’ll get to meet the wife and she’ll finally see the land of her ancestors. The non-region lock out for PSP games is great as I’ll be able to play whatever I may purchase there right away. Not sure if there’ll be anything worthwhile yet. Have to look through some release sheets.

So, what am I currently playing you ask? I updated the rosters and playing through a new season with my new look Warriors. The real ones are still on a major tear and last night’s great debut for 18 year old rookie Biedrins was awesome. Starting to play more of MVP baseball 2005, but I won’t get serious until the actual MLB season starts. I can’t believe MVP for PSP is going to be $50 while you can pick up any home version for $30 (or even $20 if you look for sales). Maybe that price will get adjusted before release, but probably not. It might be worth it for those that would rather play portable.

I really want a basketball game for the PSP, but the Sony NBA game and NBA Street, don’t look so hot. WipeOut could be cool, but again this is a case where I’m not at a place where futuristic racing pushes my buttons. I’m guessing that once I have the system in my hands, a hunger for more games to feed it may take over, so I’m trying to talk myself out of as many over eager purchases before it’s too late.

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