Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Little taste of Sin

Here's a 10 minute making of trailer for Sin City I must have missed when it was initially going around. It's very cool. If you haven't read the comics, I would avoid it as there are minor spoilers here and there. As in the first full trailer, there are some dialogue moments that feel a bit forced, but I'm hoping it's just because the scenes are shown out of context. Fingers are tightly crossed for this one.

1 comment:

Random User (somewhat scared) said...

Thats teh DC Asgard Guy!!! This one time right, he logged it dude, and whoa, he got EVERYONES filelist at once, and anyone who had a share that WASNT 666 he banned for 789879897 days!!...hes just sick! Serious!
and him and teh Sin are like...i think they even kissed once!!
i have to go, he might find my PC and hax0r my pc!!! oh noes.

teh Ninja of teh Asgard is the most powerfull being ever!!11!!1!