Friday, March 25, 2005

The three phases of PSP ownership

I was writing a response to DJ Maru’s comment in the entry below and decided to just make it a full post.

Like most relationships a man shares with a metallic object, I went through three emotional phases after bringing the PSP home yesterday:

1) The "wow I'm so excited" phase. This included gently exploring everything in the box and actually looking through the manual, playing the movies it came with, a little playing of the games, and putting photos and videos on memory sticks.

2) Then I went through a serious period of buyer's remorse. I thought to myself, “I could have bought God of War, the new Splinter Cell and probably five other games instead of the PSP with two games.” This was especially strong after reading the awesomelord’s glowing review of GoW. Then again, we don’t see eye-to-eye on games like this sometimes.

3) Later that night I spent some real time with Ridge Racer and Lumines and hit the satisfied customer phase. I knew Ridge Racer would be great, but I didn’t expect it to grab me the way it did again. So glad I persisted in tracking it down. I’m equally glad I picked up Lumines. I was excited about it, but it kept nagging me that I was plunking down $40 for a puzzle game. I don’t regret it at all now though. It’s cool how the widescreen of the PSP is an integral part of the puzzle’s design. It just wouldn’t be the same on a normal sized screen on another portable or home console. And the music is so damn cool. I fell asleep and woke up this morning with the tunes still in my head.

I probably won’t buy any other PSP games for now unless I see some irresistible sales. I'm thinking of signing up for Gamefly to try out some others. Not sure if Blockbuster is going to carry it. As for accessories, that Logitech case looks to be the shit. Have to get that one. I’m torn on whether I should shell out for an extra battery (which I don’t think they sell officially here yet) or that Nyko charger case. That charger would sure come in handy on an 11 hour flight. Still, I could be fine with just one spare battery since I won’t be playing with the PSP for the entire flight and I really don’t want two different cases for it (three counting the soft case that comes with the value pack).

So, hopefully that answers your question.

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CJ said...

Yessss... I also have Lumines' music stuck in my head. It's such a fun game.