Thursday, March 24, 2005

Unexpected PSP drama … software!

So I’m pretty amped this morning to go pick up my PSP pre-ordered at EB. I take it slow though because that’s the whole point right? It’s reserved, I got a 2nd confirmation call last night, so just relax and waltz in whenever I’m ready. Just get to EB before they close, but I could drop in anytime starting from 8AM.

By 9AM, I’m too excited to stay put any longer and head out. I figure this way the initial crowds at 8AM will be cleared by the time I get there. The plan is to pick up Ridge Racer and maybe Lumines with the system.

First stop is around 9:30AM at CompUSA since they have a 10% off all PSP games special. No lines, and they still have PSP units, BUT no Ridge Racer or Lumines. Dammit. So off to EB, picked up the PSP (SWEET), but they are also sold out of RR and Lumines. Hmmm…well lucky thing I am where I am. This part of Emeryville is packed with PSP selling shops.

I go to Best Buy next. There’s a line, but since I only want software, I get waved in. Again, I could have scored another PSP. I only find a table full of bottom of the barrel launch titles and 128MB cards (I will not name names to protect the crappy) so I jet. Maybe it’s because they are so popular that they sold out of all the top games, but man, they really had close to no software left.

Next is Gamestop and they have a few RRs, but they have been reserved with the PSP orders. Also sold out of Lumines. No extra PSPs available here though.

Well, by this time I knew for sure that I would go to every damn store in the bay area until I scored RR. It wouldn’t be a proper launch experience without it. I really wanted Lumines too, but at this point RR took priority.

It’s 9:55AM and Circuit City is just about to open. There are 3 people waiting around and a sign on the door that states they only have 46 PSPs per store. I chat with the CC guy and he says (as if I couldn’t guess it) I would be fourth in line for a PSP. I say no thanks (he is genuinely shocked), I just want software. He has a flyer marked with what they have left. No Ridge Racer and no Lumines, but it sounds like this particular store might not have stocked them. The guy is not sure. Oh well, gotta keep moving.

Swing near Good Guys, but they open at 11AM. Last stop in the area is Toys R Us. I did notice a small line when I first passed by, but it’s pretty clear by the time I pull in. I stand in a short line and finally score RR and Lumines. The counter person actually rang me up for a PSP even though I didn’t ask for one. It’s an honest mistake since the thing just came out today and I was buying software for it. I state I only want software (again sending shocked looks to the three nearby cashiers) and they quickly correct my tally.

So at the end of the day, I could have come home with at least 4 PSPs, more if I were so inclined, but that would totally suck for the others who might want one.

So, if you’re reading this now and it’s still March 24th, there’s a pretty good chance you can still score a PSP, but maybe not Ridge Racer or Lumines.


djmaru said...

please let us know how the PSP stacks up. i haven't bought a portable gaming system since the Lynx (and that sucked), but I am so tempted to get myself a PSP.

Wataru Maruyama said...

I started typing out my thoughts and it got long enough I made it a post on its own.