Thursday, April 14, 2005

God of Waffles

I made this the day I beat God mode, but forgot to post it till now. Feast your eyes upon the Kratos family waffle! It starts with heavenly clouds surrounding six mighty columns that support Mount Olympus. Nestled in the god’s playground is Kratos, his wife, and child. Here’s how to make your own:

Kratos family waffle

¾ cup of Swedish pancake/waffle mix
½ cup cold water
4 tablespoons melted butter
3 scoops Rasberry marble ice cream
Chocolate syrup
3 Maraschino cherries
2 large bananas
Whip cream
Toothpicks (optional)

- Cut bananas into desired size. They should be tall enough to keep away mere mortals. Arrange them by twos as pictured.

- Now is a good time to start your waffle iron. I have a “boat” waffle iron that is ideal for holding all manner of topping, in this case…gods! Well god and wife and child anyway.

- Mix ¾ cup of Swedish pancake/waffle mix with ½ cup of cold water and 2 ½ tablespoons of melted butter. You can use 2 ½ tablespoons of Vegetable oil instead, but I think it tastes too greasy that way. Swedish variety mix is crispier and a bit thinner than standard pancake/waffle mix. It’s consistency and luxurious taste matches with the majesty that should be Mount Olympus.

- Set the iron to its highest temperature (mine is level 7) and leave it in for two full cycles. You want to make sure the waffles get very crispy and golden on the outside, but fluffy on the inside. If you were able to get past the formidable barriers into Olympus, you would be engulfed in a similarly fluffy reward.

- Right before the waffles are done, start laying down the whip cream around the bananas. How much you want to use is up to you. If you are worried about your waffle tipping over, insert toothpicks into 2-4 of the bananas. Just be careful not to bite into them lest you feel the pain of Hades.

- Place the cooked waffles onto the bananas, then top it with three scoops of the ice cream. As you can see, the white matches Kratos’ skin and the red his tattoos. His family gets the same color because they are (SPOILER………………………………………….) dead (SPOILER END…………………………..).

- Drizzle chocolate syrup around the way Kratos drizzled the blood of the damned with his blades.

- Top each scoop with a cherry (this really doesn’t signify anything, it just tastes good) and you’re done! Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds like the craziest breakfast ever! That would definitly do it for me for the rest of the day! How was your stomach after that monster bkfast? -KEG-er

Wataru Maruyama said...

Had it for lunch aroun 1:30ish. I wound up not eating the last 1/3. It's really a dish meant for the gods.

Anonymous said...

You must have a fast metabolism.-KEG-er

Jihad Yeti said...

that is the most brilliant thing i've ever seen.

Wataru Maruyama said...

KEG - I actually have a somewhat slow metabolism and need to work out regularly to keep in shape.

jihad - Thanks! If schedule permits, I may have a tribute recipe for Splinter cell too. If Jade Empire wows me, I already have the perfect dish in mind. That reminds me, I need to work out today.

Jas said...

i love it. it's brillant. i love waffles, i love mythology, i love art i love food. marry me.

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