Tuesday, April 05, 2005

How did I get here? or Sin City fans welcome!

I used to work at a retail store many moons ago and would occasionally ask the customers how they found out about the shop. Sometimes it would be the Yellow Pages, but mostly it would be because we were next to two fast food joints. Every once in a while, I check to see how folks happened upon this blog and the results were mildly interesting so of course I'll share.

First off, my ramblings and image postings about Sin City have caught on somehow. So for those people looking for SC related info, I have a new nugget to report. My wife did not go to see Sin City with me and I'm glad she didn't because the violence alone would have turned her off something fierce. I still get the occasional grief over dragging her to Kill Bill volume 1. She asked me if I have the books, I replied in the affirmative, and then asked to read one. Now here is the thing; I'm fairly sure she would dig the books, as the impact is not quite as severe as the movie, but which one to start her on? I'm leaning toward That Yellow Bastard, but it's rather long and she might be intimidated. The shorter stories are good, but shouldn't be where ones starts a journey. Hmmm, have to figure that one out.

So what were the other ways folks got here? The following is a list of google search words that will lead you to my blog(s):

"Hyung Tae-Kim" - The ultra talented Korean artist I wrote about a while ago.

"Tekken 5 extra outfits" - I'm sure it was Costume Get that registered here.

"Asuka Kazama schoolgirl outfit" - Another Costume Get one ... I hope.

"Toshinden 2005" - Without a doubt my favorite of the bunch. Who is still holding a candle all these years for Toshinden? Amazing. Truly fantastic. If you're still out there, I would love to hear what's up with that query.

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