Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Power of schoolgirls! or Give you my knock for justice!

In the anime version of Japan, the streets are teeming with school uniform wearing girls who are all bad ass at karate and defeat creeps on the regular. In real world Japan, the streets are teeming with creeps groping girls on trains or something equally depressing so it’s awesome to come across an item like this. If I’m lucky enough to have children and they are girls, they will take up some sort of martial arts for sure. I actually took Judo and my wife practiced Karate (she is far better at her stuff than I am at mine though). Talk about Asian sterotypes. Just not to our face though cuz we’ll kick your ass!


Daryl said...

I hope this was a typo in the article, but if your future daughters are still in second grade at age 14, they a) might wanna spend more time on their books, and b) better be blackbelts.

Wataru Maruyama said...

Hey congrats on your land purchase! Sean and I were just talking about it the other day.

I'm pretty sure it's not the 2nd grade as in elementary school. Most likely it's the term for sophmore in the Japanese equivalent of high school. I'd have to look into how they classify such things in Japan as I'm not so sure.

Gallen-Fan of MT said...

Woah.., Japanese girls at the age of 14? take down one guy? If Japanese students at the age of 14 could do that...who knows what the age of 17/8 could do. I'd be shocked if I get attacked by a school kid..really..they're all so taller than me...ouch? (I'm 19 and short..asian thing? maybe..(well at least I'm taller than mom/mum (fact)).
Though if my mate..(not my friend at all..), Class mate.. hears this..he'd be delighted to be beaten up by 2 japanese girls (I'm sure you'll understand why I said that..its one likes him..really....ppl say his a spoiled child (fact). plus the teachers hates him..).
Right, I bet them 2 girls are nearer to black belt, but its too risky to tack a older GUY! Why you ask? That guy they tackled could of been armed with a knife or other sharp/blunt object.