Thursday, April 07, 2005

Sega Fantasy VI

Can the new era of the PSP be defeated? For all the long time gamers out there, check this out. It goes on for a while, but man is it entertaining.

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Gallen-Fan of MT said...

Well, so far UK (plus Europe) still waiting for the PSP and the DS is release 11th march (I got mine in Feb). Not many new games yet, most of the games are games that where on other consoles that has added touch screen features that is then put onto DS. But wot about the PSP? Will it be the same? most likely it will have games from PS1/PS2..
The Flash animation (was it flash?)of Final Fantasy 6(?) with consoles instead was kind of entertaining especially if you played it. Shame PSP was destroyed. I think all consoles equal out no matter how old or new they are. (Be a good thing if they remake Final Fantasy 6 in 3D, would'nt you agree?) Did it miss out a console in the animation??