Friday, April 29, 2005

A taste of the next generation?

The screen above is from a game called 2 Days to Vegas from a developer called Steel Monkeys. Is this for the next Xbox or PS3? Is it actually a game? I guess we’ll find out eventually. The cars look especially realistic. So much so that they appear to be real cars photoshopped into rendered backgrounds.

It’s very impressive taken at face value, but still not that exciting right? The more realistic graphics get, the more challenging it’ll be for things to not look incredibly fake or wrong in some way. The Final Fantasy Spirits Within movie is a great example of this. Some portions look damn good and indistinguishable from reality while other scenes appeared jarringly awkward.

That reminds me, I should have mentioned in my previous post about NFL 2K that although the graphics were top notch at the time, it was the animation of the characters that I felt was truly groundbreaking. A football game can’t mimic broadcast TV presentation unless the players move just right. Hopefully the next gen Madden keeps that in mind.

Later Jade
So I unexpectedly beat Jade Empire yesterday. I hadn’t read anything about the game beforehand to avoid spoilers so I was unaware a play through would only be about 20 – 30 hours versus the 80+ hours KOTOR demanded. That’s a smart move and a great motivator to play through multiple times and try crazy crap. I haven’t gathered all my thoughts yet so look for the full rundown next week. Posted by Hello

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