Wednesday, May 18, 2005

E3 2005 showdown

The flood of news and images shooting out of E3 is as massive as usual. So what’s the scorecard so far? I’m feeling like the winner out of the three major pre-show press conferences was Sony by far. Microsoft had a great showing too, but the lack of killer 360 launch apps hurts them. Other than Dead or Alive 4, every game MS showed that had any real punch (Ghost Recon 3, Elder Scrolls, Gears of War, Madden 2006, NBA 2K6) will land on the PlayStation 3 the following spring. Of course there are those RPGs from former Square visionary Sakaguchi-san along with a handful of other exclusives fromJapanese developers that could be X-factors.

The only thing that could scare consumers away from PlayStation 3 is the price, with estimates ranging from $299 – $799 depending on who you ask. A report out of Japan says it’s definitely under $500, which would still be a whopper to the average user. I’m thinking anything under $500 is a steal considering some stand alone Blu-Ray movie players will go for that much. Then again, I have a HDTV and am one of those consumers itching for HD movies and games.

Nintendo’s Revolution console is still a big mystery, but I think it will have a better chance than the GameCube. The GBA Micro is a neat idea. Need to see it in action to decide if the small screen will bother me. Shockingly (or not so much depending on how much you know me), I’m psyched about Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix. Sure the new Zelda is cool too, but I really want to avoid details about it and just enjoy it fully when it comes out.

Man, still three more full show days to go. Insane. Posted by Hello

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