Thursday, May 12, 2005

Let's Xbox 360 tonight

Quick reminder, tonight is the MTV Xbox special at 9:30PM pacific time.

In a related note, leaked screens of Dead or Alive 4 started circulating this morning. You can find them in this forum. There's still some debate whether DOA4 is for the Xbox 360 or standard Xbox. Perhaps we'll find out tonight. I'm insanely busy today so I'll look into things tomorrow. The only thing I'm fairly sure about is that the mysterious masked character above is Lisa from DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball.

(UPDATE: Apparently they are for the Xbox 360. I think seeing the game in action will be more impressive than these still shots would leave you to believe. 720p images when viewed on a HDTV vs viewing them via video/screenshot on a computer screen are very different things.)
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Anonymous said...

PS3 is going to feature support with Apple and the Ipod.

PS3 will feature Itunes support.

PS3 is going to feature an in-house developed fps at launch.

The Revolution will have Smash Bros. with online at launch.

Square Enix is planning on making an MMORPG for the Rev at launch.

Halo 3 will come out next fall with games featuring 50 players and above in single matches.

Sony is going to snatch up Bioware at this E3.

MS is going to snatch up Rockstar.

Nintendo is going to snatch up Square Enix and Konam

The Revolution will indeed feature 3-D glasses.

The Revolution will feature HD support.

The Revolution will recieve the next Zelda in 2008.

Zelda will have online support.

The Revolution will give every game online support, much like the 360.

The Revolution will surpass 360 in features.

Sony’s PS3 online features will be extremely similar to Revolution’s.

Wataru Maruyama said...

That is a mouthful.

I'm still crossing my fingers for holographic imaging for the Revolution.

Anonymous said...

Christ where is that info from? Totally nutt if even 1/3 of that is true. More like 1/50.

- Chuck