Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Edge June 2005

Barnes & Nobles has some exclusive North American deal that lets them stock the UK edition of Edge in healthy quantities. The two closest B&N always seems to have a thick stack whenever I drop in (not sure how many they get in initially), but I was surprised at how many of this beauty was still left. The gold folder you see on the right is the cardboard sleeve the June issue of Edge came in. Unfortunately it had like three stickers on it, and it was impossible to remove them all without causing some damage. Still, it’s super snazzy and the main Link image is sweet. I haven’t had a chance to read through much yet so I’ll post impressions later. Track it down if you get a chance. Posted by Hello

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Tim Ng said...

Edge is a pretty cool mag. The layout and presentation is really clean and comes form a more conceptual perspective. I wish my mag would take notice and do more progressive stuff.