Thursday, June 02, 2005

Hooked on Fire Emblem

Back now from a nice vacation in Japan visiting family. The trip was pretty laid back and I didn’t buy a ton of stuff (for a change). I almost picked up a ceramic white slim PSTwo, but I thought better of it since I know I’ll pick up an import PS3 next year. Region 2 Blu-Ray player, plus the ability to play my back catalog of import PS1/PS2 software = Sold. I had packed both the PSP and DS, but hardly touched the former as I was totally glued to Fire Emblem. The 2003 GBA version, not the just released Sacred Stones (I’ll pick Stones up too as soon as I finish). I can’t believe I waited this long to play this gem! Fire Emblem has it all—the epic story, the deceptively simple, but deep turn-based strategy, and totally interesting characters. It’s devious how you’ll play missions over and over again to make sure none of your comrades perish. A nice break from my usually strict diet of RTS games. Okay, I did make time for Advance Wars too.

Speaking of diet, I confirmed this morning I lost 4+ pounds during my stay in Japan. Despite eating foods like those pictured above. Portion control and lots of walking baby. Add that to the 5 pounds I lost since first mentioning I needed to lose some weight and I’m getting close to my target. I try not to use the scale as a guide though since weight training adds muscle mass. Pants and shirts fitting looser are the better measurements.

Since getting back, it’s been a game of catch up. Watched the finale of American Idol and Lost. Both were entertaining although I may drop Lost if they don’t start delivering some actual answers. I mean, it’s highly entertaining, but there’s that dark feeling that this is the X-files debacle all over again. Season 2 will be make or break for me. I also watched the DVD that came with the Dengeki PS2 magazine I picked up in Japan. Sure there’s a lot more footage online, but seeing games on your TV is something else. I should also mention the bit rate quality of the footage was fantastic. It looked pretty close to the game actually running on a console, which is the way it should be. Scanning the Japanese magazine racks, it seemed like there were tons that came with DVDs. Lots of great footage on Namco X Capcom (I must have this game), the new Onimusha (looks okay so far), and tons of others. The clip I watched the most was the new Deception game from Tecmo. It looks absolutely demented and exactly what fans of the series would want from a PS2 version.

On the shopping list - need to pick up Chappelle show season 2, Fire Emblem Sacred Stones, Warioware Twisted, and Metal Slug 4&5. None are that urgent, so we’ll see how soon these will get purchased. Sure MS 4 is more like a remix instead of a brand new game, but 5 is cool and I would probably have spent $20 on each at the arcade to get through them. Being a Neo Geo collector makes it easier to stomach paying $40 for two games. Hmm...maybe I’ll wait for a price drop. Then again, the King of Fighters 2002/2003 pack still hasn’t gone down in price. Posted by Hello


Rice_Burner said...

Hey Wat, just wanted to chime in, Metal Slug 4&5 rock, but I felt they're combined gameplay time is alittle too short. Glad your doing good.


Wataru Maruyama said...

Hey Tim! Yeah, I was going to limit myself to three or so continues to make it last longer.

daryl said...

mmmm...fried stuff.