Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Late to the party: Warhammer 40K Dawn of War rocks

So I finally get around to playing Dawn of War and it is way too freakin' sweet. I hear the campaign is fairly short, which means I'm halfway finished already. Nuts. That expansion can't come soon enough.

I should have the DS Kirby game any day now (used a leftover Gamestop online coupon), and will probably pick up Meteos eventually. When that event occurs, I will have more games for the DS than PSP. Come August, the ratio will more than double thanks to Nintendogs (probably end up getting at least two versions if not all three...damn you Nintendo!), Advance Wars DS, and Pac Pix (if I can get it for $25 or less by then that is). I could not have predicted this.

Summer TV
It's that time of year when reality TV shows take over the airwaves. I've been able to resist a bit thanks to quality fare like the final season (sob) of Six Feet Under, but succumbed to the season opener of The Real World last night. Holy crap, the drama just rains down on that show. I was also tricked into watching Celebrity Charades (it's only a week long after all), and found it amusing. It does make you want to set up your own "runnning charades" party though.

I'm surprised that airdates for the 2005 World Series of Poker are so far off from the actual events. Televised matches start July 19th, four days after the final match has been played. Of course they need time to edit the footage for maximum drama, but we don't get to see the final match till November 15th! Is it possible to avoid news of the winner till then? It's certainly possible. I didn't know that fossil guy was going to win last year, and I easily could have found out by searching online.
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