Friday, June 24, 2005


There's nothing much on the late 2005/2006 PC release roster that is getting me jazzed enough to want to upgrade beyond the extra GB of RAM I just installed. The only thing that may test me is Age of Empires III, although my current rig should be able to handle it ok. Shots like the one above scare me though, especially when you factor in all the physics they are building into it. Dawn of War chugs a bit when the map is totally packed and too many effects are turned on, so Age III may give me fits.

There's no way to justify buying a new video card for only one game when the Xbox 360 will be available for around the same price and have at least a dozen titles I'll want (maybe not at launch, but within a year for sure). Titles I would have bought for the PC like Call of Duty 2 are headed for 360 and will run far better than my current machine (and look larger and better on my HDTV) so it's really a no brainer. Ah, I feel better having typed this out. I might actually follow my own advice. Posted by Hello


lUIS said...

Can't you hook up the computer to the HDTV though? It looks sweet

Wataru Maruyama said...

I have a tube HDTV so it's not ideal. I can hook the PC via the DVI cable, but the setting are hard to get right. I've used powerstrip to try to get the screen to fit just right at a nice resolution, but it's never perfect. Some LCD, DLP, and Plasmas conenct fairly problem free, but not all.

funkysmell said...