Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Slightly sick

Was feeling crappy yesterday, but much better today. Got a bit of cabin fever and wanted to get out to a few places on my list, but I just don't have the energy yet. The rainy weather is not helping. Above is another pic from my trip.

Chris got the Sony fan boys riled up with his post about the PSP not doing it for him lately, and I agree with most of his points. I just picked up WarioWare Twisted (awesome) with plans to grab the new Kirby DS game and (sigh) Fire Emblem Sacred Stones next. No PSP purchases remotely in sight. Unlike Chris, I love slapping movies on the memory cards and even watched the season finale of Lost on the PSP. The "race" between the two portables is not going to have a blow out leader this early is all. It's just the beginning.

In other not very interesting news, I got myself a new office chair. I had an insanely crappy one for far too long and eventually figured out how silly keeping it was. It's lovely. Posted by Hello

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