Thursday, June 16, 2005

Upgrades and milestones

I’ve been stuck on the last mission in Fire Emblem and have come to realize two of my main characters are waaaaaaay under experienced. Prevailing is going to be tricky since I can only go back two missions (only three saves are allowed) to try to rectify things. Also went back to try and finish Age of Mythology, but decided to shelve it. I have a slew of older RTS games that are being saved for play on trips when the only available option is an underpowered laptop. Instead, I’ll finally bust out Battle for Middle Earth and Dawn of War (the expansion is almost upon us so…).

I recently upgraded my gaming PC to 2GB RAM just because recent deals were too good to pass up. Aside from a larger LCD monitor (waiting for best compromise in size, response time, and price), that will be the end of the line in terms of upgrades for this machine. We’ll see how long she can tough it out.

So I’m psyched Hideo Nomo has hit the 200-win mark (combined totals from MLB and Japanese league), especially since he’s been having such a rough time after his surgery last year. I’m hoping he bounces back and this isn’t his last season. Whatever happens, his achievements will always be remembered.

Not to be outdone, Ichiro now has 1000th hits in the US (2300 hits if you count his Japan totals). There’s an interesting article on about whether overseas numbers should count if domestic achievements get close to Hall of Fame levels. Posted by Hello

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