Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Ojitos in the house

Fed up with the inflated housing situation in the Bay Area, Julie and Daryl decided to move south of the border to build their dream home from scratch. That was almost a year ago and they’ve been faithfully chronicling their adventures on Ojitos in Mexico ever since. They were recently in town, so we had a sushi night extravaganza just like old times!

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A closer look at the homemade (as if you couldn’t tell) rolls, packed with a generous fish to rice ratio.

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It was then time to get some poker on.

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A final group photo to cap off a full night of mirth.

Other stuff
Updates have been a bit slower than usual, but I do have some news on that front soon. This week is quite crazy with a lot of errands and loose ends that need to get cleaned up before events unfold Monday.

- My copy of Warioware Twisted seems to have gone bad. It just craps out shortly after the title screen. I barely got to play it too. Damn this sensitive gyro technology.

- Nomo and Takatsu are being released by their respective teams (Devil Rays, White Sox). Hopefully they get picked up quickly.

- I wish I had made plans to go to the San Diego Comicon. Next year for sure.

- I resisted for years, but now finally own an iPod. The 30GB iPod photo to be exact. That model is being phased out in favor of the now standard color screen 20GB iPod. Luckily, the Apple store in Emeryville still had some of the 30GB ones in the back for only $29 more than the 20GB version. Very nice. I know there is talk around the web that future iPods “may” play videos, so I figure the one I have has at least an outside chance of playing videos through software updates. If that does somehow end up happening, having 30GB is definitely nicer than 20. My wife got the cuter, more portable mini. Perhaps we are victims to the unending iPod hype machine. Either way, I’m enjoying music even more than ever.

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- The Japanese women’s softball team won over the US ladies 3 to 1 in the World Cup of Softball. It was a cool game to watch.

- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was great. I will probably buy the DVD, as long as it’s not a stripped down “cash in before a premium edition DVD” version.

- I messed with the AGP BIOS settings on my PC and have improved game performance dramatically. No crashes so far (knock on wood), so looks like I didn’t destroy anything. Glad I went this route instead of hastily upgrading to a new card.


daryl said...

Stuffing my face and collecting the pot, that's my kinda night!

thanks again, Wat!

Wataru Maruyama said...

Twas a truly enchanting night

Tim Ng said...

Wow, looks like a fun night. I was talking to Sui recently and both of us agreed, it's pretty weird how we're full time at IDG now and half the faces are different now. Wat, Jay, Sean, Julie, you guys are missed. The energy just isn't the same.

Wataru Maruyama said...

Woah you're full time now? Sweet man. You deserve it. And Sui too. Even though he sucks at Ping Pong. BAM!