Friday, July 08, 2005

The war must end

I’ve put it off long enough, but it’s finally time to sit down and finish Dawn of War. There has been plenty of actual work to keep me busy, so it’s not like I could have been going at it full throttle anyway. Maybe I’ll explore the skirmish battles or test the online waters if I get the itch later. I’ll probably go pick up Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones instead, although I have a burning desire to play through the previous installment once more. I wasn’t 100% satisfied with how I leveled people up the initial time through.

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High Definition space opera time
I’ve only caught fleeting glimpses of the recent Sci-Fi channel Battlestar Galactica series, but the start of the second season on July 15th has got me wanting to climb aboard. The bits I’ve seen look pretty cool and most of the internet buzz has been fairly positive. At first I was thinking of renting the season 1 DVD (comes out 7/26), but it’s only available as a Best Buy exclusive, and won’t be sold anywhere else till something like September. Ass. Well, it’s ass if you only wanted to rent it for now. The Sci-Fi channel is running marathons of season 1, but I wanted to see and hear the episodes in their full widescreen, 5.1 glory.

Now here’s where it gets good…for the lucky ones that is. Universal has a HD channel that consists mostly of Law & Order, Karen Sisco, and Monk repeats with sporadic sprinklings of feature films. They also show the occasional Battlestar Galactica, so I checked their web listings and discovered they too are planning a marathon, two marathons back-to-back in fact. I have since verified it on my DVR schedule so it’s a done deal. The complete first season in HIGH FREAKIN DEFINITION! Awww yeaaah. My only concern is how many hours of HD my DVR can handle. I’ve never gone above 50% capacity so it’s hard to say. The short explanation to my solution is that I’ll be recording the first seven episodes of the first marathon, and record the last six episodes of the second marathon. That gives me a window of 8-10 hours (counting only hours I’ll be awake) to watch seven hours of the show before I’ll need to clear space. It all depends on what the capacity meter reads after taping the initial seven. Make sense?

So if you are interested in the series and have Universal HD as part of your service, enjoy! And get up once in a while to stretch those legs.

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