Thursday, August 18, 2005

I want the 399 one

So I get this phone call today from the EB where I reserved my Xbox 360. The clerk starts to tell me that “Microsoft made an announcement yesterday”, but before he utters another word I say “I want the 399 one”. He was taken slightly aback. That’s right buddy, I’m in “the know”, I was just about to call you guys anyway to tell you just that. I want the 360 that comes with what its supposed to come with. No 299 stripped down junk for the kid. Still, I was glad they were on top of things.

Well, I got my personal copy of Ouendan today and totally psyched. Unfortunately, it was totally nutty at work, so I still haven’t loaded it up as of this moment. Soon my precious, soon. I plan to concentrate on it all through the weekend since next week, it’ll all be about raising Nintendogs and waging Advance War. I’ll get Namco Museum for PSP if that actually hits stores next week. There is also another game coming out next week that I’m intrigued by, but it’s better you read about it over here.

Next month is looking pretty retro too, with Capcom Classics Collection, Tecmo Classics Arcade, and Midway Arcade Treasures 3. Even though the complete line-up has yet to be fully revealed, the Capcom Classics seems to be the pick of the litter. 22 games for $20 is too good to pass up. Especially since there's at least one Street Fighter included. I love Solomon’s key and would really like having the arcade version of the widescreen Tecmo bowl, but $30 for 10 games is a deal breaker. Midway Arcade may tempt me when it hits PSP later this year, but I’ll pass on the console versions.

I almost forgot, the GameBoy Micro ships next month too. In theory, I really want one. It’s super tiny and supposedly has an ultra sharp screen. If the screen looks as good as advertised, I’m in…when it drops in price a bit. $99 is pretty damn steep. For $30 more you can get a new DS.

UPDATE: Slight tweaks in text from last night, in case you saw it already.

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