Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Movies to follow game model?

In article in the paper yesterday, Robert Iger, CEO-elect of Disney said he is investigating the feasabilty of releasing rental DVDs day-and-date with the theatrical debut. The critics quoted in the piece cast serious doubts on that outcome and I have to agree with them. They simply say that theater owners would be too angry for that to happen. Hogwash. I say it’s because movie studios would not make enough from pure rental DVDs even if they went back to the $99 priced-for-rental-only VHS tape model.

What I can see happening is movies following a videogames pricing structure. So perhaps the first week is theater exclusive, second week the $50 DVD (almost always bare bones), few months later that same DVD is $20, few months or maybe a year later the deluxe multi-disk special edition DVD comes out. As long as the early DVDs set you back $40+, theater owners will still get some sort of reprieve. Still, this would certainly signal the death of kids movies at the cinema as most every parent would be willing to pay a premium to avoid transporting the young’ns and getting raked on popcorn.

I know, you’re thinking folks would be dumb to pay $50 for a bare bones movie. All I can say to that is, people are paying $20-30 for bare bones movies on UMD. A frackin UMD! Just like in games, there is a core market that wants first run theater movies NOW for the same reason the core gamer want the latest games first. I certainly would have shelled out fifty bones for any of the LOTR movies when they hit theaters. My average would probably be one or two such DVDs a year, putting me in the casual movie consumer category. The core would average one a month or more depending on the crop of movies that year.

It’s kind of scary to think about actually.

Weekend gaming
Headed to Best Buy to pick up Advance Wars DS and Namco Museum PSP and walked away with Meteos. Wars was out of stock and Museum was $40! I feel more comfortable paying thirty. No hurry on either of those anyway as I’ve got plenty to keep me busy. Oh, and as if you haven’t already heard this a thousand times, Meteos rocks the house.

Random game beat alert! I finished Nightshade this past weekend. More thoughts on that here.

PSP 2.00 Update
I finally got around to updating my PSP and was a web surfing fool soon after. I was telling Phil about it and he went nuts with the wallpaper action. My favorite is the Vader above. You can find more in his post.

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Chris Slate said...

That Vader wallpaper rocks the house. I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing that audio sample abused over and over in thousands of different ways.


Ah Lucas, you truly don't watch movies through the same jaded eyes as the rest of us ;)