Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Nintendogs not yet home

CompUSA has an ad listing Nintendogs at $24.99 thanks to $5 “instant savings”. The weird thing is, the sale is only applicable to two versions, Lab and Chihuahua, but not Daschund & Friends. Are they predicting the Daschund version is the most desireable or maybe it's a limited quantity item? Very random. The bad news is the game was not yet in stock at lunch time today. I wish game releases were more exact like DVDs. Those movie discs are almost always in the retailer’s hands before being set free Tuesday morning. Games hit shelves any old day of the week and sometimes weekends. Ridiculous.

Sweet finale
Finales are always a mixed bag and rarely attain the same quality level of regular episodes, so it’s a great relief to report that the series finale of Six Feet Under was just about perfect. It was very emotional and…well, I don’t want throw out any spoilers. It’s sad that the show is gone, but it went out in style.

All in again
So the ESPN broadcasts of the 2005 World Series of Poker is well underway. We’ve only seen “circuit” events so far (don’t ask me what that means), but tonight marks the first of the main “I get a real WSOP bracelet and not a circuit ring” events. I’ve watched a ton of televised poker, but the ESPN broadcasts and Bravo’s Celebrity Poker showdown are hands down my favorite.

The main reason is the quality of color commentary. The ESPN guys have the advantage of commentating over packaged segments and can add to the drama accordingly. Some may think that’s a cheat, but it just makes for good TV. Plus I’m a Norman Chad fan (I read his column whenever it runs in the Tribune). The Celebrity show has more commentating on-the-fly, which is a good showcase for the ad-lib talents of co-host Dave Foley. The other host, pro player Phil Gordon, is also great, dishing out helpful tips and critiques of every play.


Tim Ng said...

Nintendogs is a blast Wat. I fell in love with it. Pick it up ASAP!

Wataru Maruyama said...

I just picked it up at lunch today. Thing is, they only had Chihuahua & friends. Not the one I wanted to start out with, but they're all the same basically. Still, most people in this office have Chihuahua and you can unlock more dogs if you communicate with different versions. I may exchange it since I haven't opened it yet.