Friday, August 26, 2005

Now it officially exists in my mind

I get so excited when companies release official pics of retail console packaging. The $399 box looks nice, and loaded too, with all those included accessories. It’s pretty interesting checking out the rather slow flow of solid information on 360 games. By solid I mean, hands on reports of the games running on full strength kits. Namco’s Frame City Killer could turn out to be fun, but I thought it looked extremely underwhelming during its E3 debut. Some new screens that just came out indicate the game is still as underachieving as ever, but certain pics like this shot below look pretty nice.
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Raising Pikachu
I’ve always wanted to call a pet Pikachu without cursing an actual living thing with that moniker. My Shetland Sheepdog Pikachu is three days old in Nintendogs time and has learned three tricks so far. I’ve been able to test out Bark mode in the office and received a nice record from Craig. Good times.

I finally beat hard mode in Ouendan last night and was fairly spent. I did have just enough energy to test out Cheer Girls mode, aka super hard difficulty, and it was totally insane. It’ll definitely take a while to get through that one. Hopefully, I’ll have time to pick up Advance Wars DS and Namco Museum PSP this weekend.

I definitely want a GameBoy Micro after fondling one that had come into the office. It’s so much smaller than I thought and very comfortable. Good D-pad, bright sharp screen, and all-around adorable. Even so, I’m sticking to my earlier plan of not buying it right away. The price has to come down, and it’s ridiculous that the black frame Micro comes with a silver faceplate (vice versa for the silver frame one). Not surprisingly, the tiny built-in speakers are pretty terrible.

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