Tuesday, September 13, 2005

GBA games in DS cases

I mentioned before that Phil was a bad influence on me, regularly enticing me with some cool bit of geekiness that I either need to buy or spend time doing. Last week, he pointed out that DS cases have slots that can hold a GBA game. I remember noting it when I got my first DS game, but have totally forgotten about it since. It turns out a large community is dutifully scanning, resizing, and performing intricate Photoshop work to create converted covers. Phil specializes in converting Japanese GBA game boxes, which are especially troublesome due to their more rectangular shape.

I told him it was cool and all, but seemed like too much trouble. Still, I kept thinking about it and my resistance lessened as the days wore on. I ended up ordering two packs of ten empty DS shells from the Nintendo online store and just got them today. I have more GBA games than that, but I only wanted to give that royal treatment to about 15 of them. They really look nice on the shelf I must say.

While I’m sort of talking about DS games, like most folks I’ve been playing my dual screen handheld a lot lately. Nintendogs, Meteos, Ouendan, and Advance Wars are in the regular rotation. Nintendogs and Oendan are especially relaxing after a long day of work.

PlayStation explosion averted

I checked my serial numbers on the PlayStation site and it said my Slim PS2 is not one of those in danger of exploding. You should check yours out just in case.

Age of Empires III

While I’m relieved Age III runs pretty darn good on my desktop, I’m a bit disappointed with the demo. It’s not nearly as cool as I was hoping, but it is just one level right? It sounds like the super snazzy graphical stuff is not fully in the demo, so there’s still a good chance the game will really tax my rig.

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