Sunday, September 18, 2005

Workout period coming

I’ve been slacking lately on my workouts and the time to reverse that trend is eminent. I just need to plan out one that works with my new schedule. That time not bettering my physical health has been put to good use playing games and watching TV. I’m still tinkering with the Age of Empires III demo and finally got around to playing the single player F.E.A.R. demo. It’s amazing how good it runs on my PC.

I’ve been playing Killer 7 off and on and I definitely like it. To me, the game is like a feverish dream. The kind you’d have after watching an all-night marathon of new wave Japanese gangster movies. Stylish, hyper violent, and sexy. Like a dream, there are things you wish you could control better, but you deal as best you can. The world reminds me of the anime Serial Experiments Lain. The game is not nearly as cool as Lain, but it’s an interesting place to be nonetheless. It’s only $30 now at most places, so give it a try if you’re open to some nuttiness.

Just when the second season of Battlestar Galactica really started cooking, I find out next week is the finale. Well, it’s the summer finale anyway. There are supposed to be 22 episodes, so folks can take a few weeks (or more likely months) breather to take in the DVD season one set that ships this week.

Due to a taping snafu, I ended up not watching the reruns of Firefly on Sci-Fi channel (sorry Sean). It looks like I’ll wait till Serenity is on DVD and make it a marathon in some distant weekend.

The majority of new shows start this week, so I’ve set the DVR to tape Lost, My Name is Earl, and CSI. I’m not looking to add any more shows outside of those, except for the family edition of Amazing Race that starts next week. It sucks CBS is one of two channels Alameda Cable doesn’t carry the High Def feed of. I might need to write a letter.

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Tim Ng said...

Hey Wat, if you like Killer 7 you should pick up Indigo Prophecy.