Wednesday, October 26, 2005

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One of the games I keep going back to is the import DS game Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan. I’ve mentioned already how much I love the game, so I’ve been waiting to see if an official soundtrack would ever see release. I would have settled for a fan rip of the music straight from the game and even contemplated doing it myself. Well, once again Phil comes through and has done just that. Of course the sound effects from the game are in there, but so many of them are tied to your memory that you mentally re-insert them into the real recordings anyway.

Still, it would be nice to have as many of the actual songs as possible. Available domestically is the song from the final stage Ready, Steady, Go by L'Arc-En-Ciel off their Smile LP. It also happens to be the opening song from the Full Metal Alchemist anime, which I didn’t know since I haven’t taken Chris’ advice and watched it yet.

Thanks to info from CJ via Phil, you can also get the song from the first mission, Loop & Loop by Asian Kung-Fu Generation in stores here too. As is the case with anything Phil-related, a rather expensive plan to obtain the remainder of the songs from Amazon Japan was starting to hatch.

… favorite music group is Nobody Knows+

As I was researching the bands involved, there was a particular one that stood out. The song Kokoro Odoru by Nobody Knows+ is a funny light rap tune made cooler by how it was used in the game. You can check out the snippet from the game here, and listen to a sample of the real song here I found on the group’s official site. There’s even a clip of the video that you MUST watch. Good stuff right? It gets better.

I knew I had to have that video so I looked around their site and could only find Tour videos and one video single to a different song. Curious, I clicked the sample and was totally BLOWN AWAY. Obviously if you have any idea of who Ultraman is, the payoff is going to be much bigger for you. Even so, the song just gets better and better with repeated plays.

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The full-length CD containing Mebae doesn’t come out till next week, but that’s getting ordered along with their previous album with Kokoro Odoru. I’m fairly sure I’ll end up buying the DVD single of Mebae too. Ack, that budget shuffle means one less 360 launch game.

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