Monday, November 28, 2005

DOA 4 or nothing

I had to return the loaner 360 back to the office today, but I think I’ve had my fill for now. I borrowed mostly games I hadn’t tried before this time. I managed to finish Gun, which is fun while it lasts, but way too short for even my tastes and I likes short games. Played a few missions in Quake 4. Frame rate is not as smooth as I would have like, but it’s fun for what it is. Might buy it if it hit the $20 mark in the future. Decided to borrow Amped 3, hated it. It’s going to alienate Amped 2 fans that’s for sure. Played a little Tony Hawk too and had a decent time. I could see myself getting back into it whenever there is a real shift in the visuals. Needs more graphics punch for me to keep playing.

I didn’t play much NBA 2K6 since I own it and will play plenty later. I snagged Perfect Dark Zero from Costco ($43.99, nice!) and made it close to the end (mission 10 out of 13). It’s pretty cool and at the same time kinda average. People tell me that co-op is awesome as is multi-player. I’ll reserve judgement till then.

As I mentioned before, I’ve been able to save my profile and game saves on the 65MB memory card so I can transfer everything to my future 360. I almost felt like I should buy the 20GB hard drive since it’s just a $60 difference. I mean, $40 for 65MB or $100 for 20 gigs? If you look at it from the perspective that the PS2 memory cards were 8MB and sold for $20-25, then it’s not so bad I guess.

One curious note: You can “move” your profile from the hard drive to the memory card and vice versa, but you can’t make a “copy”. It can only “exist” in one memory device. It makes sense since so much is tied to your profile. Also, my PDZ save file could not be moved or copied from the HD to memory card in the systems menu. After a brief panic, I figured out you have to select the memory card as your preferred save location within the actual game. The curious thing about that is, I confirmed that it saved to my card, but the save file was apparently “moved” off my HD by the game. Interesting. So PDZ saves apparently can only be in one location too.

Other than that, I’m on the 2nd shipment watch as many others are.

Dead or Alive
I popped in DOA3 in the 360 and was surprised that all the CG movies stuttered. Not exactly perfect emulation. The game ran fine though. Also, the upconversion to 720p/1080i was very nice. It’s amazing how much more detail I was able to spot on the clothes and backgrounds. I did a minor A/B test and confirmed that the game looked much better on the 360. It almost looks too soft on the original Xbox now. I started to hope for compatibility for DOA Ulimate and Xtreme Beach Volleyball, but maybe it doesn’t matter. There’s no way I’m sinking the hours needed to unlock everything all over again. I’ll just lavish my attention on DOA4.

Speaking of 4, the release date has been moved again, this time from this upcoming Thursday to next week, the 6th (or even the 8th say some). Will it actually ship next week? If I don’t have a 360 by then, I don’t really care. If you pre-order online, you can get a free 2006 calendar. I checked all the local EBs and Gamestops and they have no clue if they’ll get it. I hate to have to pay shipping, but I kind of want that calendar. I’m also considering the Hori arcade stick made especially for DOA 4. I’m not sure if it’s wireless or not, but probably not. It would be a must have if it were. Even if it isn’t, I’ll probably buy it still. The above pic is all I could find at a decent size and is from the Play Asia site (although I airbrushed out their logo).

Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing DS comes out next week and that will take up a ton of time. So it won’t be so bad if no 360 is had soon.

Done with SCIII
It comes as a big surprise to me, but I have no longer have a desire to play Soul Calibur III against the computer anymore. I’ll still play in the office because playing against other people rock, but I just hate playing by myself in the game. Plus, the lower resolution really bugs me. It turns out I was spoiled by the 720p visuals on the Xbox SCII. I can’t go back. I just can’t. It’ll only get worse once I have DOA4. So here’s hoping the rumors in a recent EGM about SCIII hitting Xbox 360 in spring 2006 is true. Even then though, I might not buy it if it’s not online. Offline fighting games should be banned.


Tim Ng said...

It such a surprise to hear that most people in the "biz" are soo over the 360 already. If I had a dollar for every person I know who's addicted to Guitar Hero, I'd have enough money to cover all my Christmas presents for family members this year.

Wataru Maruyama said...

Maaaan, I tried Guitar Hero, but most of the songs don't really do it for me. I never grew up with much metal. The Konami Guitar Freaks line-up is more my thing. I did drag it out and play recently too. Still awesome. America lost out on that one.