Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Game cut off

Well, I hit that limit of having way more games than I can finish…about three months ago (not counting anything not yet played from past console generations). And yet, I recently scored a sweet stash of titles courtesy of a visit Phil paid to the Nintendo employee store after “official bidness”. I finally got Minish Cap and also nabbed the GameCube Fire Emblem, Metroid Pinball, and Trace Memory (cuz it was very affordable). In my defense, the purse strings were loosened only because of the bargains at hand.

Even so, there is the matter of the Xbox 360 near. I have the system pre-ordered at a store and the only game I know I really want is Dead or Alive 4. The bad news is, EB just updated their site saying the game has slipped to 12/1. That date is quite tenuous methinks. There are whispers it might not ship this year even. Who knows what to believe when it comes to Team Ninja.

Well, next on my list is either NBA 2K6 or NBA Live. There’s no question which has more features (2K6), or which looks more next gen (Live, but just barely says I), but I’m not sure I can commit until I sit and play them once they come out. So, no launch slam dunk here either.

The latest movies of Condemned look moodily sweet, but I hear it may be rather short. I want to play Perfect Dark, PGR3, Ridge Racer, FIFA, Call of Duty 2 and most every other launch title. I guess I’ll wait to see what the reviews have to say to help me make up my mind.

No loss if I end up buying just one or two games for now. I’m sure I’ll either rent of borrow enough to scratch my next gen itch. That just means I can move up my purchase of Dragon Quest VIII. I played the demo on the latest Official PlayStation Mag demo disc and came away very excited. It’s really damn cool. I haven’t had time to sit down with an old school RPG since KOTOR (and it was brutal finding time for that one), but I will somehow do it for DQVIII.

So why is there a picture of Dixie from Rumble Roses at the top of this post? Because RR XX is now my #1 most wanted Xbox 360 game thanks to the latest trailer that hit like a week ago. You can’t miss it, it’s the only one that has some actual gameplay snippets and the debut of the eviler version of Evil Rose and the 200% sexier ninja Bloody Shadow.


Montry said...

Hello Wat.

Unfortunately for me, I was bumped down to being on the "Second Shipment" at the GameStop in which I preordered from. So my plans have changed as far as what I will be doing come launch day. As of right now, my new plan is to camp out at my local Target for at least 8 hours. Boooo!

Hope everything goes smoothly with your pre-order and launch day.

Wataru Maruyama said...

I'm getting nervous hoping I don't get "the call" pushing me to 2nd shipment. Fingers crossed. With DOA4 pushed back though, my excitement is more toned down for launch day.