Monday, November 21, 2005

Last minute 360 madness. Madness I say.

So today was going to be super busy with the shortened holiday week, but I got an extra dose of drama by learning I was bumped to the 2nd 360 shipment at my EB. I have no words. Well, I didn't have any when I heard the news. Better now.

Anyway, the rest of day had been a scramble to try to get a lot of work done and figure out a plan B for getting a 360. By the end of the work day, I was resigned that there would be no way to get a console tomorrow. Reports and photos of massive lines seemingly everywhere crushed any latent hope.

So, I borrowed one from work along with several games (sadly no PDZ or Condemned as all the office copies were being put to official use) to see if it would be worth it to hit like 10 stores tomorrow before work. All the trips would most likely be futile I'm sure.

Anyway, finally got to see what the system would be like on my HDTV. Call of Duty 2...stunning. Wow, this is a must get for sure. PGR3, it does look immensely good, almost photo-realistic. Still, I just wasn't getting excited playing. Ridge Racer 6, yes...yes...YES! I didn't know there were so many tracks and it gives me that old "arcade in your home" feeling. Really sharp looking environments, cool music, and super solid gameplay.

NBA 2K6, I already bought it and happy with what's there. It certainly has rough patches, but it's fun overall. FIFA 2006, is not as bad as I thought, but not really up to snuff. Gun, is really cool. The textures and character models look worse than current gen, but the high resolution and widescreen display sort of make up for it. The story seems way cool too. Probably best played as a rental though. NBA Live 06 is just gorgeous, but plays soooo sloooow and not quite right. Madden 06 looks quite good too, but I' ve always prefered 2K pigskin which means I'm SOL for the next couple years.

I don't have any interest in Tony Hawk, Kameo, Tiger, or Quake 4 so I didn't grab them.

So, am I still jazzed to go try my luck? If I wake up early, I'll make an effort. I'll definitely get CoD2 and Ridge Racer. If I'm forced to buy a bundle in-store, I'll add PDZ or Condemned. If not, just relax with Mario Kart DS and maybe pick up Dragon Quest VIII.

UPDATE: So everywhere I went had numbers of people who had been there overnight and given some type of ticket stub. It's what I expected, I mean, there was a total of 180 consoles out of the six stores I checked. 180. That includes two Wal-Marts and a Best Buy. think about how small that number is. Well Microsoft, you've got the sell out you wanted. Congrats.

UPDATE 2: I was fortunate to be able to borrow one of the office retail units over the break. I have a memory unit so I can save my Gamercard progress and transfer it whenever I get my own. So, phew, some next gen action is in effect.


sean said...

Gost darn it, that...that...that really gets my goat! There, I said it. Didn't you preorder yours like 8 years ago, before they came up with the bundles and before it was even called the 360? I figured yours was a lock, unless they decided to service people who ordered the shiny (expensive) bundles before people who ordered super early...but I thought nah, they wouldn't do such a thing. goat is gotten.

Tim Ng said...

What's sad is the 12 pages of ebay listings that appeared a few hours after the official release (and the one Xbox 360 that went for over $3000). I called every Best Buy, Walmart, TRU, etc, etc in a 75 mile radius of the Bay Area...zilch. It's the Tickle Me Elmo of 2005.

Tim Ng said...

Oh...and Call of Duty 2 is still the only 360 launch game that has impressed me.