Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Give me your fruit!

As the ridiculous drama of elusive 360s continues, I decided it’s more exciting to focus on Animal Crossing DS. I just picked up the game today and starting to get my town ready for visitors.

What type of letter will my friend drop off today? Who left this thingy in the middle of my town? Why are all my apple trees dug up? What type of shirt design will shock everyone? You get the picture.

It’s the fun of what your friends bring to the party. The more creative or weirder they are, the better. I’m hearing that the way you use WiFi is not as cool or fully featured as one would like, but I’ll manage.

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RPG revival
I was really in the mood to play Dragon Quest VIII, but I put it on my Xmas list and can’t just go out and buy it right now. So, I looked over my PS2 RPG collection and decided it was time to give Shadow Hearts: Covenant (that’s part 2 for those not in the know) a twirl. It has a very quirky story that mixes heavy themes like death with sometimes out of place bits of comedy. I’m absolutely loving it. It’s going to get harder to spend time with it now that I have Animal Crossing though.

I was almost about to drag out Valkyrie Profile for the PSOne, but decided against it at the last minute. It seems news points to a sequel for the PS2 being made, less concrete is a long rumored port of the original for the PSP. I’ll see if that pans out. RPGs stand a much better chance of being played if they are on a portable system for me.

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Darkstalkers Book Ends
My wife threw me an awesome early surprise birthday dinner and one of the gifts I received were these awesome Darkstalkers book ends. Morrigan is indeed "puttin 'em on da glass" as the kids like to say. They’re so wrong and yet so right. Thanks again Sean and Keith!


Tim Ng said...

sweet, happy b-day Wat.

Montry said...

Hey Wat! It was cool seeing you in the latest issue of OPM. Happy holidays and happy early birthday!