Thursday, December 22, 2005

Nice long break

I’ve been having lots of random ideas of things to post about before the holiday break so here goes in no particular order:

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- Rule of Rose is a Sony of Japan developed horror game for the PS2 that is about to come out this January. It involves English children in some sort of boarding school house and it looks super creepy – both in a scary movie way and a “seems like something uncomfortabley naughty is happening” way. Hit up the official site and watch the trailers, especially the first one. It’s all CG stuff, but it gives you an idea of what it’s about…sorta. I hope this comes out here.

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- Ryu Ga Gotoku is sort of like Shenmue meets Japanese gangster Grand Theft Auto. I’ve been obsessed with it as the theme seems really cool to me, but not enough that I want to import it at this time. I played through the first Shenmue in Japanese and had a ball, so language shouldn’t be that big of a deal. It’s more of a time thing I guess at this point. I just have too many damn games I want to play that sit on my shelf, which makes it hard to justify paying an import premium. I really hope they bring this out here. I mean, everyone is trying to make a “better” GTA (True Crime comes to mind), but they all are mining similar territory. Exploring the underworld of Japanese gangsters would stand out more I think. You can do it Sega!

- I was mildly tempted to ask for the 20th Anniversary Gameboy Micro for Christmas, but held back because: A) The US release should have been the domestic NES style and not the Famicom. B) Where are all the extra faceplates? All I keep seeing are more versions of Micro hardware. C) It still costs too damn much. D) I’m very happy with the new backlit GBA SP already.

- I’ve been playing a lot of NBA 2K6 for Xbox 360. It’s so damn good, I can’t understand a lot of the knocks it’s gotten in some reviews. There’s just no contest between Live and 2K this year. Live is all flash and 2K is slightly less flash, but ultra rich content.

- There’s no doubt now, the denizens of Animal Crossing DS are much weirder than the GameCube version. The random things they talk about, ask you to do, etc. It’s very entertaining. The best part about the game is how relaxed I feel when walking around town. Nintendo has done it again!*

- Now that I sit back and think about it, I can’t remember a holiday where I was so obsessed with games. I love the widening selection of types of games in both the home console and especially the portable realm. Without really thinking hard on it, I’m willing to say the DS was the console of the year. The PS2 and 360 are close in that race though. The year isn’t over yet and I’ve a lot to play before my mind is made up on it.

*The post on the history of that quote is coming soon, I swear.

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montry said...

Yea, NBA 2k6 is really fun and probably the best basketball game I have ever played. The graphics look amazing on a HDTV, the animations are super smooth for the most part, and the gameplay is unmatched. Do you play this game online?