Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Copyright infringement tastes like cheap chocolate

While waiting to get my haircut, I was browsing the candy section of a next door Asian market. All of a sudden, I saw semi-familiar faces. Is that the Master Chief? Hey, that’s the Norrath girl and Taki from Soul Calibur! Well, badly photoshopped versions of them anyway.

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I looked at the back and the Choco Fighters are a product of the Philipines. Since it was only a dollar, I had to buy this piece of delicious (at least I hoped so) copyright infringement

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Along with the characters I mentioned above, we also get Spawn, one of the girls from Final Fantasy XII, Ryu Hayabusa, a dude who I think is from Contra, and a bunch of Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors characters.

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Oh and there are stickers! Yay!

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On the back of the sticker sheet is the logo of Choco Fighters. Look familiar?

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How do they taste you ask? Well…the ingredient list says chocolate, milk, sugar, and peanuts. My taste buds say, chalky something that has chocolate/peanut residue. I couldn’t finish a whole one. Aki gave it a valiant effort, but didn’t finish either.


Montry said...

wow, thats, what do you think of the redesigned nintendo ds Wat? I just bought a red ds and have been very happy with it but I already know I'm going to import the ds lite when it is released...I can't resist the lure of a brighter screen..

Wataru Maruyama said...

I almost bought a 2nd DS over the holidays, so I'll definitely get the redesigned one. Not sure if I'll import it or wait till they release it here. Probably wait though.

In your situation, I might wait till they release a cool game bundle with the new DS like the red one you got. Makes it more justifiable.

Tim Ng said...

you guys are brave souls to try filipino bootleg candy. brave souls. lol