Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dead or Alive Ultimate vs. Dead or Alive 4

I finally popped in Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate (Xbox) for a quick A to B comparison to Dead or Alive 4 (Xbox 360). This first photo is from DOAU. The display is a 34” Wega CRT and the camera is 5.1MP resolution. I would prefer to take some actual screen grabs, but I barely had time to do even this.

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Now here are the same characters, comparable background, and similar costumes. The difference is more pronounced than I previously thought.

The upgrade in lighting, character models, and fine details is quite hefty. Because the general appearance of the characters weren’t revamped, it’s easy to think there was very little improvement at all.

I mentioned before that playing DOA 3 on the 360 yields a pleasing upconverted picture. I totally forgot to pop that sucker in for a quick pic comparison though. Next time.

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