Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I want a scene with a bus, a rollercoaster, and an elephant. Make my video!

I thought Sony’s PSP Media Manager was out already, but it’s still listed as a pre-order. While it doesn't let you create crazy videos like the Sega CD games this post is named for, it apparently is the balls when it comes to converting what you've got to PSP format. With the big drops in the price of 2GB pro duo cards, it's becoming more attractive for me to bother. There are also those 4GB mini hard drives available through importers (and soon domestically), but it's not really an attractive alternative for me. I don’t like that it adds a lot of bulk to the unit, the slower read/write/access times of a mini drive, and have heard horror stories of lost data/broken drives when the unit is handled roughly.

The PSP Media Manager is $30 ($25 if you pre-order it now directly from Sony), which is a lot for something the PSP should have shipped with for free. Hmmm...on the fence.

RTS heart 360
It was announced a little while ago that Battle for Middle Earth II will be available for the Xbox 360 in addition to the existing PC version. RTS games moving to 360 is something I was hoping for since it’s my favorite genre on the PC. My desktop is starting to show it’s age and I really, really don’t want to buy a totally new gaming PC or invest in a massive upgrade (I’ve done all the small additions I could already). I really hope they nail the way it’ll all control.

You're back!
I have two characters in my Animal Crossing town I’m particularly fond of. On a routine visit to their houses, I noticed one of them, Rosie, had her stuff packed into boxes. It was quite depressing for some reason. I told her she shouldn’t leave, but accepted the fact it wouldn’t matter. BUT the next day, she was still there and all her stuff was put laid back out in the house. Neat! I didn’t know they could be talked out of moving. It sounds even dumber to me as I’m typing this out, but it really made my day. I guess it’s things like this that keep me playing AC.


mizuwari said...

Yes, apparently you can 'talk' villagers out of leaving by sending them letters and giving presents to them.
Most times I feel bad when I receive a letter, telling me that they are about to leave town. I probably don't write enough letters!

mizuwari said...

Oh, and I believe that Sony are going to start selling 4gb and 8gb memory sticks this year!