Monday, March 27, 2006

Catching up

I had loads of things I wanted to write about and that back up is even larger now that I just got back from vacation. I’ll hit items that are still relevant.

Vacation was good, restful. It’s refreshing to get away from daily internet use. I went the entire trip without drinking coffee too, which isn’t that huge of a deal since I only have one cup in the morning. Still, I did notice an extra buzz this morning after having had even a short break from caffeine.

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I love reading on breaks so went to the local book store before leaving and happened upon a buy 4 get one free sale. I picked up the latest Card “Shadow” book and some others, but couldn’t find a suitable fifth free book.

I had been waiting to read the Harry Potter books until they were all done, but the recent Goblet of Fire movie piqued my interest. It was the first of the movies to make me curious what got cut out. I was afraid of missing other subplots if I just went ahead and started reading Goblet of fire, but it turned out fine. I really have no interest in reading the first of second books (the movies bored me to tears), but Raffy says I should definitely go back and read the third book. Since I greatly enjoyed the movie version, it’s certainly a possibility once I finish the available books. I’m about 200 pages away from completing Order of the Phoenix.

Aside from reading, I was riveted to the final World Baseball Classic match that pitted Cuba vs. Japan. Like most, I was skeptical of this event, but wow did it deliver in the end. I might have to track down one of those Japan team jerseys.

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Other random vacation notes:

- If you ever have a chance to try Warabi Mochi, go for it. It’s sooo soft and delicious.
- I loved the new movie Inside Man. A bit long, but what a great ride.
- Funyuns with Wasabi is pretty decent. I wouldn’t go out of my way to try it, but it’s interesting.
- I discovered Banana Cream Cheesesake at the Cheesecake factory is now my favorite from their massive selection.
- Try to the Green Tiramisu from the Honolulu Coffee company. Fantastic.

I finally got some hands on time with the DS-Lite. Very, very cool. Import prices have started to come down, but it might be better to keep waiting. GRAW still hasn’t received the quality time it deserves, Oblivion just came out, and Rumble Roses 360 is actually hitting stores this week.

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Getting back to DS related news, it looks like the long run of keeping up with Nintendogs is finally over. It’s possible the doggies may get resurrected by resetting the DS clock, but that’s a lot of feeding, walking, and cleaning before it’ll be caught up. Ditto for my Animal Crossing town, although there is a much better chance that it’ll get whipped into shape once a DS Lite is had.

I also checked out an interesting acrobatics show over the break, but that deserves its own full entry. It’s worth waiting for.


Montry said...

Hola Wat. Just wanted to tell you that I have decided to skip on the HD DVD player and ordered my DS Lite instead. So you up for some tag teamin in Rumble Roses XX online?

Wataru Maruyama said...

Aw yeah. You may be one of the few people I know that will buy RR. Everyone I've talked to is too ashamed to play it. Suckas.