Monday, April 10, 2006

On replacing the magical boy

I finished The Half-Blood Prince this past weekend. Now I’m officially part of the billions who are anxiously awaiting the next and final book. You’d think after reading three books in three weeks I’d want a break, but I feel like getting into another book fairly soon. However, I have no desire to go back and read the first three books. Although not another novel, I picked up the first manga volume of Negima: Magister Negi Magi the other day. Why? Um, the main character is a young wizard in training like Harry, and er, I’m not sure why else I bought it. I had no interest in the author’s previous work (Love Hina) at all. I really like Negima though and will start to follow it.

I ended up not picking up Oblivion yet and instead continued my quest to unlock more random crap in Rumble Roses XX. Deal with it.

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One of the surprises of last week was getting contacted by none other than Trickman Terry! Old school EGM readers out there know Terry handled the codes section before the internet ruined everything. Back then, codes weren’t as easy to come by and companies weren’t as keen to give them out. I remember before I entered “the industry” EGM and Videogames magazine where the two mags that always had the newest codes. I would later learn that it was due to efforts of people like Terry and Chris Bieniek that it was so. Check out the Trickman’s site why don’t you?

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