Saturday, April 29, 2006

Pre-E3 rush

News is starting to roll out at a steady clip with the show so close. Some thoughts:

Wii – Everyone has some thoughts. The name is growing on me. It’s good Nintendo put this out before their press briefing to allow people to come to peace with it, so the attention can go back to what the console will actually do.

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Ridge Racer 7 PS3 – Wow. I’m so glad I skipped RR6 for 360. RR7 is how I wanted next gen RR to look and the series just fits being on a Sony machine. I’m just hoping it’s not a RRV-like debacle. Hated that one.

Phantasy Star Universe also for 360 – I really, really want to play PSU, but the chances of me sitting through another RPG on the PS2 is extremely slim. Since it’s on the 360, I might even play online.

Silent Hill PSP – I’ve been meaning to revisit the first game, so it’s nice I can enjoy a slightly upgraded version for the PSP. That’ll also give me the perfect excuse to finally play that copy of SH2 Xbox that’s been crying out to me (I played the game on PS2 already, but want to check out the extra content).

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Currently playing Brain Age for the DS. Addicting and I’m improving my brain! I started at age 35, got bumped to 46, but now maintaining a youngish 23. I also renewed my subscription to Nintendo Power. Three reasons: 1) With hot again hardware, the mag is still unbeatable for exclusives and access. 2) I like the redesign and new paper stock a lot. Well done. 3) You get a free Nintendo guide. That’s really the kicker. I love Nintendo strat guides. They're always atractively laid out and have 100% accurate information. Many are quite collectible and command great resale value too. I’m buying the guide I would have bought anyway, but get NP for free. I opted for the New Super Mario Bros. guide btw.

And yes, my pic to the right has been updated. Not exactly a HD ninja since that is a samurai sword, but close enough.

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Nick said...

The Brain Training game is out in English now? Amazing!

I wonder how it's selling...